What is Shweeb Racer

It’s two interlocking overhead monorail race circuits from which hang highly efficient pedal-powered pods. You lie back in a recumbent position for maximum comfort and minimum aerodynamic drag. The hard wheels on the smooth track reduce rolling resistance, so you can click through the seven gears and get up to your top speed with very little effort.

The pods swing freely from left to right, so as your speed picks up you swing wildly around the corners and soar high and low over the undulating terrain. It’s a very dynamic ride that’s beyond comparison.There are two race tracks so you can race against your friends in either one-on-one or tandem races. You get to challenge the full spectrum of contenders – both local and international.

Shweebing is an all-weather activity - the clear pods protect you from the rain and the metal roof keeps the sun out.

Do you have what it takes? Feel the thrill rise through your feet as you experience a world first! The Shweeb will get your pulse racing as you compete against your family and friends or the clock.

This thrilling and innovative riding experience takes you around a 200 metre track with scenic farm lands whizzing by as you power through 3 laps of the course with the potential to reach up to 45 kms per hour and 60 degree angles on the bends. Do not miss this chance to be one of the first in the world to face up to the challenge!