World Exclusive at Velocity Valley!


Travel up to 50km/h in suspended aerodynamic racing pods for 3 laps around 600m of track. Who is the fastest? The race is on. Go Shweeb Racer, Go!

  1. How much per person? $55.00 per person.

  2. It is the same cost if we have 2 people? YES, $55.00 per person per ride.

  3. How many laps around? You race 3 laps around our 200m track.

  4. Do you operate Shweeb in the rain?  YES

  5. How many can ride at once?   Each pod takes one person and we have 2 tracks. So two racing at one time in individual pods.

  6. How fast are they?  You control the speed depending how fast you pedal. They can reach speeds of 50km/h if you pedal hard and fast like an Olympian.

  7. What is the minimum age to participate? We don't work on a minimum age we require riders to be minimum height of 1.3m.

  8.  What is the maximum height? 2m

  9. Are they fun? YES, especially if you have someone to race against.

  10. Where is Shweeb Racer located?  Within the Adventure park of Velocity Valley